Bappi Lahiri - The Disco King

World-famous music composer, singer and record producer

“Bappi Da” as he is known to all his fans worldwide has composed the soundtrack for hundreds of Bollywood films throughout his career. He is the sound for many generations in Bollywood. His music evokes many memories for his fans starting in the Disco era of the 70’s until the present time.

His work has included dubbing songs for Elton John in the Hollywood movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” and playing the character Tamatoa for the Hindi version of “Moana”.

His presence is as big as his music, as a fan of Elvis he likes to wear a lot of jewelry. He once said "Gold has been very lucky for me. Most of the jewelry that I wear is spiritual pendants. I have one which was given to me by my mom. It is a thick gold chain with Ganeshji pendant. This was given after my film Zakhmee right after Lataji sung my song in that album. Since then I have been fascinated by gold. I am also the fan of Elvis, so I ended up with the bling. God has been very kind to me and all the pendants I wear are symbolic of all the special events in my life. They were given by my mom, my wife, and my children. It came with a lot of “dua” (meaning Prayer). Gold has nothing to do with my personality. I am a spiritual person and I want to be known as a good human to all. That is what matters to me.”

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